Youth and Parents

GDYT Frequently Asked Questions - Youth and Parents
How do I qualify for a summer job?
How are youth selected to participate in the GDYT program?
What documents do I need to participate?
Are there income guidelines for GDYT?
What are the dates of the GDYT program?
What types of jobs do you have available?
I worked last summer, am I guaranteed a position again this summer?
Can I ride the bus for free?
How much will I be paid and how often?
How will I be paid? Will I receive a paper check or bank card?
Can my payroll be deposited directly in my personal banking account?
What’s a Career Pathways Internship?
Can I have more than one GDYT summer job?
I must attend summer school. Can I still participate in the GDYT program?
Can I apply if I have an arrest or conviction in my background?
Does the GDYT program drug test?
What should I do if I’m not selected to work?