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Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) is a citywide summer jobs program that trains and employs young adults between the ages of 14 and 24 for 6 weeks in July and August. Youth participants must be permanent residents of the City of Detroit and be eligible to work in the United States. There is a broad range of jobs available to the participants. Examples of jobs include: community cleanups, event planning, accounting, retail and the Junior Police or Fire Cadets to name a few. Last year, over 8,000 local youth received employment which is our goal again this year.

GDYT Jobs placements are based on a developmentally appropriate, tiered model for summer employment:

Tier 1: Career ExplorationThe Career Exploration tier introduces young people to first-time work and career opportunities through community service, team projects, and job shadowing.  This tier is for youth with little to no previous work experience (typically 14-16 year olds).

Tier 2: Ready for WorkDeveloped for young people with some previous work experience, the Ready for Work tier places youth with a host employer or in a vocational training experience, while continuing to build career readiness skills. (typically 16-24 year olds).

Tier 3: Career Pathway InternshipsThe competitive Career Pathways Internship tier is for young people with previous work experience and a desire to focus on a specific career pathway with a host employer (17 years or older).  

Building on Success

The Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation (DESC) and Connect Detroit have partnered to employ 8,000 youth this summer.

Together, with our partners, we will:

  • ensure that young adults have meaningful summer work experiences that create pathways to future opportunities
  • connect young adults to professional networks and employers that can support their career goals
  • introduce employers to the next generation of Detroit’s workforce
  • align Detroit’s youth workforce development programs, thus streamlining service delivery and maximizing efforts to improve outcomes for youth

This year look for:

  • Easy Program Access Through GDYT.org – Youth can sign up for a summer experience through the online application portal.
  • Quality Experiences- GDYT has incorporated mandatory evaluations and robust data management that will help track our success. We’ve also streamlined the payroll system in an effort to eliminate errors.
  • Critical Partnerships- The City of Detroit, employers, philanthropic organizations, community-based organizations, schools, unions, and trade organizations are coming together to provide opportunities to youth.