Frequently Asked Questions

Grow Detroit’s Young Talent (GDYT) is a 6-week summer youth employment program that combines work readiness training with on the job experience designed to prepare Detroiters ages 14-24 for Detroit’s workforce. With the help of Mayor Mike Duggan and Detroit’s philanthropic and corporate leaders, we’re expanding the program to employ more young people, provide stronger work readiness training, more employer support and better coordination across summer job opportunities in Detroit.

Grow Detroit’s Young Talent Will:

  • Manage recruitment, payroll and screening through an online platform to ensure successful placements based on geography and youth interest
  • Provide individualized guidance and tools for employers
  • Gather data to track the program’s success
  • Offer youth free access to DDOT buses throughout the summer to help them get to their jobs
  • Provide employers with a youth specialist who will help employers manage issues

The 2017 Grow Detroit’s Young Talent Program will run from July 10th through August 25th. Commitments and payments are due by: May 27, 2017

How Can Employers Get Involved?

There are four ways to get involved:

  1.  Become an Employer Partner and offer a 6-week work experience (up to 20 hours per week) at your workplace for $1,700 per youth slot.
  2. Host a subsidized job experience at your worksite through a 50:50 match of $850 per youth slot if you cannot fully financially support a summer work experience.
  3.  Be recognized as an Affiliate Partner of GDYT for a summer employment program that you already operate.
  4. Make a financial contribution to the GDYT program to support summer work experiences for Detroit youth.

Please go to the Employers and Supporters page to complete a Commitment Form.

Who’s Eligible for a GDYT Summer Job?
The Grow Detroit’s Young Talent Program provides youth employment experiences to teens and young adults ages 14 – 24 (by July 1,2017). Youth participants must be permanent residents of the City of Detroit and be eligible to work in the United States.

How Are Youth Selected?
Some of the youth who participate will come recommended from Detroit schools and nonprofits. Other youth will come from the pool of applicants who apply through the online application. The youth are screened, and surveyed for their interests before being matched with a worksite.

How Are Youth Matched with Employers?
A majority of youth will be chosen by employers through 3-4 Career Fairs. At these events, employers will have the opportunity to interview candidates, and even offer positions to them on the spot. For those who choose not to participate in the Career Fairs, youth will be placed with you through Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation.

What youth are eligible for the Career Fairs?

The youth who are eligible to work with employers are those who are at least 16 years of age, have at least 1 year of work experience, received a positive evaluation in their previous position, and have a grade point average of 2.5 or above.


What Is Work Readiness Training?
The GDYT work readiness training program is based on the Empower Youth Future curriculum, a proven program designed to prepare young people for the workplace. The training also includes a financial literacy component. GDYT youth will receive at least 24 hours of work readiness training.


What Are The Youth Wages and Hours?
GDYT youth, ages 14-17, will be paid $7.50 per hour and youth 18 and up will make $8.90 per hour.  Youth selected for Career Pathways Internships will earn $9.50 per hour. Participants are allowed to work a total of 120 hours, typically working 20 hours per week for six weeks.


How Is Your Contribution Spent?
The majority of the funds go to cover youth wages and taxes. After wages and taxes, the remaining funds cover program expenses such as staff, insurance, supplies/materials, transportation, program shirts and IDs, operating costs, etc.

How Is Payroll Managed?

The Administrator of GDYT will manage youth payroll for employers who choose to be full partners. Employers will submit each student’s time sheets according to the bi-weekly payroll schedule. Students will be paid bi-weekly.


How Are Employer Partners Supported Throughout The Summer?
GDYT endeavors to make the Employer Partner’s job easier through several forms of support:


Employer Training
Employer training will be provided in late May/early June. Employers will be invited to attend a session to help them gain a better understanding of program logistics and how to offer a quality experience to youth employees. In person or webinar versions of the training will be offered.


Employer Liaisons
Employer Liaisons will be assigned to assist employers and youth throughout the summer.


Employer Tool Kit
The Employer Tool Kit has been developed as a resource to assist Employer Partners with refining the unique components necessary for working with youth employees. Tip sheets on topics such as how to recruit staff to work with youth interns, how to design an orientation, and suggested activities for youth interns are included. The Employer Tool Kit will be available online.

Where Do I Send A Check?

Make tax-deductible checks payable to:

Detroit Employment Solutions Corporation
440 E. Congress Street
Detroit, MI 48226

Tax ID: 383353746